Trekking on the Island of Elba

The Island of Elba isn’t only sea, it is also rich in history, in nature that is still pristine even today, and its territory is more like a maze of paths that are perfect for trekking lovers: routes in the heart of lush nature that go from one side of the Island to the other, some short some long, some easy and some more suitable for experts.

From the inland of Elba to the coasts of the Island the paths and routes that are suitable for trekking guide lovers of this sport across chestnut woods and fields of Mediterranean bush and enable them to see unique panoramas that they will probably never see elsewhere: the never ending horizon across the sea with its magnificent colours that go from turquoise blue to emerald green, where you can see the other islands that, like Elba, are part of the Tuscan Archipelago and rise up like pearls over the waves.

Many of these paths go across our history, times of invasions and wars, art and poverty, and tell us of poor, humble fishermen and farmers, powerful emperors and important governors, of musicians and artists. Paths that cross the iron and pyrite mines of the past, or at the side of vineyards or botanic gardens, butterfly sanctuaries and granite quarries.

As you go along you will come across prehistoric grottos, remains of Roman villas, or Etruscan fortresses built to protect the ports, and you will even see remains of the “caprili” where the shepherds took shelter and small forts built by soldiers to protect the island from enemy attacks.

Elba above and below the sea

The coastline around Elba is very rugged so it has many grottos and tiny bays, and if you truly love the sea Elba is the place for you, and with us you will be able to live your passion to the full by going out on a boat excursion on the “Baiarda” motor boat. The excursion is along the southern coast of the Island and here you will be able to breathe in the true sea, see the magnificent colours, observe the rocks, grottos and even see some wild birds like cormorants, green cormorants, yellow-legged gulls as well as animals like wild goats and mouflons that live among the rocks. If you wish you can go snorkelling and see a wide variety of colourful fish on the breathtakingly beautiful sea bed, or if you prefer you can simply go for a swim in the turquoise, or deep blue sea, sea and sun every day… in short a real paradise on earth. You can even start with an introductory deep sea dive accompanied by an instructor who will explain the basic rules and give you all the necessary advice then go down with you so you can view the beauty of the underwater world in complete safety.

For true lovers of scuba diving, Flavio our instructor and qualified environmental guide of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, has enchanted all our guests with his years of experience, love for the sea and competence to the point that they will always cherish their experience with him deep in their heart.

Mountain Bike

Cycling lovers too will also be able to live their passion to the full because our Island welcomes those people who consider nature a way of life. You will find easy routes as well as more challenging ones, and, on your bike any challenge you decide to face you can be sure here you will overcome it. Whatever part of the Island you choose to cycle across you can be sure of finding thousands of different panoramas, most of which will be hidden to those who go round the Island by car.

Many well known, high level cycling races are held on the Island: the Legend Cup, the MTB Triathlon, the Elba Iron Tour, the MTB Kolossal Triathlon, the “Tagliagambe- Road bike, the Elbaman, the Conquistadores Cup to name but a few, and this is precisely because the territory of our Island is considered by many as a cyclers’ paradise.

If you want even just a simple example of the breathtaking routes that are suitable for going out on your mountain bike just go along the promontory of Capo Stella, we are certain this simple but beautiful route will make you want to discover our Island even more.

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